parents and the law programParents and the Law is an innovative program aimed at strengthening families and preventing the incidence of abuse and neglect through law-related education. The program teaches skills, knowledge and encourages the attitudes necessary to strengthen families and escape the cycle of violence. We currently offer our program to Acadiana Recovery Outreach, FRAN the Van, Genesis, Lafayette Parish Correctional Center, and Faith House.


  1. What is Child Support?
  2. What’s the Law on Custody?
  3. How do I collect Child Support?
  4. Is it Discipline or is it Abuse?
  5. Is it Abuse or is it Neglect?
  6. Cops on Call: Responding to Domestic Violence
  7. What are Rules?
  8. What is Family?
  9. What is Marriage?
  10. Is it ok if I say it is? Statutory Rape

Please contact Rachel Gibson, Community Education Program Coordinator to obtain information on providing this educational opportunity to your organization.