The newly adopted vision for the Woman’s Foundation is:

  • To provide a comprehensive, diverse and innovative regional portal for learning.
  • To offer relevant, state of the art learning tools with easy accessibility.
  • To have measurable impact on those we serve and obtain favorable feedback on our offerings.
  • To increase wellness education, especially in the middle and lower socio-economic groups, starting at earlier ages.
  • To provide well-qualified, dedicated and diverse staff which experiences high fulfillment.
  • To offer reasonable fees, be fiscally responsible with steadily increasing our endowment, and operating a successful grants program.
  • To procure board members who are diverse, energetic, cutting edge, forward thinking individuals, committed and connected to the community.

Programs and Services

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

The general types of activities conducted by the CME Department include special conferences, lectures, recurring conferences, study group activities and special seminars. The CME program goal is to promote changes in practice methods and improve patient outcomes.

Community Education

The Foundation also sponsors related forums, lectures and educational programs for the community on topics of concern. Current on-going programs include sessions on puberty, college preparedness for high school juniors, legal rights and responsibilities for young parents and baby-sitter training. WFI also sponsors the annual week-long Women’s Health Expo and coordinates the efforts of the community based Healthy Lifestyle Coalition.

UL and LSU-E Nursing Scholarship Opportunities

The scholarship is named in memory of one of the founding board members of Woman’s Foundation, a prominent Lafayette citizen and physician, Frem F Boustany Jr, MD. Doctor Boustany passed away in August 1988. The original guidelines were approved and accepted December 20, 1988. The initial scholarship award was made in the Spring 1989.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to serve as the center of excellence by providing education to promote the total well-being of women and their families through collaborations and partnerships that focus on expertise and credibility.

Continuing Medical Education (CME), community education programs, and ULL/LSU-E Nursing Scholarship opportunities are programs and services that allow Woman’s Foundation Inc. to achieve and fulfill this purpose.

Board of Directors

Joseph B. Wolf

Vice President
Monique Monteilh, MD

Meg Chase

Kenneth Brown, MD

Board Members
Elaine Abell, JD
Linda Alesi
Erik Billet, CPA
Michael Boos, MD
Jennifer Boustany, MD
Anne B. Broussard, CNM, CNE
Patricia Cran, MD
Kenneth Christrup, MD
Debra Crowe, MD
Leslie Davis
Jamie Duval
Dalta Gary
Indira Gautam, MD
Rhonda Guidry, CPA
Erin Hemsell, MD
Michael Judice, MD
Judith R “Judy” Kennedy, JD
Paulette Landry, APRN, C
Opal LeBlanc, MD
Jennifer B. Lemoine, DNP, APRN
Sue T Mann, JD
Donald E. Mickal, MD
Mary B. Neiheisel, EDD, FAANP
Linda K. Oge, MD
Victor L. Raxdale, CFP
Michael Smith
Juliette “Tina” Stefanski, MD
Michelle Stutes, MD
Laurence Vincent, RN, MSN

Kathy Bobbs, FACHE, MHSA – ex officio
Lawrence L. Lewis III, JD – ex officio