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Middle School Dates 

Truth, Facts and Lies Middle School June 21 & 22 9-2pm

*Students are required to bring their own lunch*

High School Dates 

Truth, Facts and Lies High School July 19 & 20 9-2pm

*Students are required to bring their own lunch*


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What is Truth, Facts + Lies?

Truth, Facts & Lies is a seven-session educational program designed by B Curriculum, LLC. Each session is developed based on current adolescent brain research, statistics, and feedback from teens. The goal is to engage participants in a guided discussion regarding social issues they face on a regular basis. We want our participants to be so comfortable talking about these issues in a classroom setting that when they are faced with them in the real world, they are confident in their ability to make a smart, informed decision. Teens will learn best from one another; therefore, our participants are empowered to become the leaders among their peers. They can provide factual information and guide their friends to safely navigate life in the digital age.

These are not your average school lectures! They are facilitated discussions designed to engage the learner and increase their processing of new information. We create a safe environment, free of judgement, in which students can crowdsource solutions to everyday dilemmas and find their “graceful out” of social situations in which they do not feel comfortable.  We include games, trivia, what would I do scenarios, surveys, etc. Each session includes a parent newsletter with extra resources and conversation starters.

Students who have completed the program are reporting significant behavior changes and increased knowledge in all areas covered, most notably in their social media presence and dating behaviors. In post evaluations the number one comment when asked “What would you change about the program?” is “MORE”, more sessions, more times, more topics, more students. For more information on this program please contact

Sessions include: Bullying, Controlling Your Digital Footprint, Online Solicitation & Human Trafficking, Dating & Relationship Abuse, The Teenage Brain & Addiction



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Woman’s Foundation is a licensed provider for Truth, Facts + Lies. If you would like our team to facilitate this program on-site at your school, please contact Rachel Gibson, or call (337) 988-1816.

Why we believe in this program…

  • One in three teens in a dating relationship is being abused.
  • 11% of teens and young adults report sending nude pictures.
  • Human trafficking is the second largest criminal industry in the world.
  • Teens are sending over 3,300 text messages daily.
  • Snapchat reports over three billion snaps being transmitted daily.
  • The frontal cortex of the brain, the area responsible for logic and decision making is not fully developed until an individual is in their mid-twenties.
  • Information learned during teen years is more easily retained than when learned in adult years.
  • A recent study showed that schools implementing a social emotional learning curriculum show an eleven-percentile point increase in standardized test scores.


Student Reviews

“I enjoyed learning the stuff I did in TFL. It’s a program that I believe will change people’s lives. I appreciate the time y’all took out of your day to teach us this.”

-9th grade student

“No one is talking to us about this stuff. Maybe they’re uncomfortable? But we need to hear it because we’re exposed to it everyday.”

-9th grade female after Addiction session

“I liked how y’all knew what you were covering and helped us find solutions.”

– 9th grade student

“Before the abuse lesson I though I was weird because I wasn’t making my boyfriend check in or go through his phone. Now I know I’m doing it right”

-11th grade student